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Nature's materials are important to me, and clay, unlike wood is flexible, malleable and responsive. Inspired mainly by the natural world these hand-built vases are often composed two or three at a time.

They are carefully refined to express their organic shapes and tactile surfaces, and I enjoy perfecting their fluid lines and sensuous forms. They are often chosen as a purely desirable object although their function can be enhanced with dry or cut flowers of your choice.



In my carving I can fully express my love of the shapes and forms so abundant in the natural world together with the designs that float in my subconscious. I enjoy the intensely physical process which assumes an evolving, changing almost intimate relationship with the medium, the tools, my ideas and my senses.

Formulating designs from sketches or making small maquettes allows me to translate experiences, feelings and private emotions into a harmonious and tactile artwork. All the works are unique and may be viewed at his studio or purchased via the artist.


Drawing and painting

I am committed to capturing the drama of the light and shadow of my subjects, and I relish working under pressure or in restricted circumstances. The work I produce exudes colour and shape and is complimented with expressive use of line and tone.

In contrast I also enjoy careful, deliberate or economical methods to translate the subject. For me, the human form provides endless inspiration, and enables me to expand and combine different mediums and techniques. Landscape and nature offer accessible and dependable subjects which I will often return to for inspiration.

I also enjoy exploring imaginary designs and ideas which occupy my inner feelings and desires. Some of these make the transition from two dimensions to three. Please click on the gallery image fordetails of availability of individual pieces.


Photo collage

During the summer of 2009 I was pondering over the many photographs from my past. I decided to re-use (or) recycle them and so cut them into hundreds of strips. The first compositions consisted of simple patterns and geometric arrangements based on kaleidoscopes I found in Japan. More experiment produced more conceptual and intricate works.

As these developed I allowed my admiration of science to overlap with imaginary scenes of the World and the Universe. The Moon, the Earth, our natural and man-made world all became meaningful subjects and ideal visual motifs.

A selection of this work was included in the EFO Trans>Form Exhibition in 2010 and is included in the accompanying blurb-book. (go to links page) All works are available as digital prints on A4 paper.



Initially crafted from clay these expressive figurative sculptures capture both the physicality and the ingenuity of the human form. I work intuitively between the medium and the subject, manipulating the clay with my fingers or tools. In appearance their shapes emit strength and vitality and the surfaces appear attractive and alive.

Colour is applied to clay sculpture to both heighten the modeled forms and simulate the appearance of metal, wood or stone. Selected works are available as editions in either bronze, bronze-resin or marble-resin. My recent work seeks to harmonize the human form with abstract shapes which is revealing a more geometric style. See New Work


New work

Constructed wood figures

I am assembling pieces of wood to construct figures with dynamic movement and shape.

Vacuum packed relics

In this series I am exploring the almost inexhaustible array of shapes found in vacuum / bubble packaging to create an installation artwork.

Car Series

I used 2,500 toy cars to create a new installation piece titled Car Atlas. (see Artsdepot links page)

New resin sculpture

The human form still figures strongly and I am using more simplified planes, shapes and geometric structures to express their form.


Shape, colour, pattern are fused with the unknown to produce drawings uninhibited by style and concept. This continually evolving process often starts with my unwanted drawings and combines a variety of techniques and visual ideas.

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